New menu

The magic of chief cook Pavel Klyuchnik is manifested in love to idea, process and presentation of each dish. This is how the birth of new gastronomic discoveries at the Guramma Modern Asia takes place.
We continue to surprise our guests and always offer new dishes.

Having tried many interpretations of dim sum, we added an octopus to their company. Its harmonious combination with delicate Philadelphia cream cheese and flying fish caviar made it possible to create a new look.

To achieve the softest structure of duck meat and, at the same time, save all its juiciness, we had to try many temperature conditions.
The approach verified to 1 degree, allowed to prepare a breast juicy and just melting in a mouth. For full taste, the Bao buns and several Asian sauces were added. We recommend trying Duck Bao.

In the harvest season, we chose the most delicate and delicious variety of corn from our Ukrainian farmers. To cook corn soup with Kamchatka crab meat in winter, which you definitely have not tried anywhere else.
Chilean sea bass with corn puree
We decided to shake up the Chilean sea bass with a light side dish, complementing the sauce and crispy texture. Therefore, the idea of corn puree with Dutch sauce was born, supplemented with yuzu juice and cauliflower popcorn.

Tuna steak with curry sauce
Those who at least once tried Bluefin tuna realizes that this particular tuna deserves to be in the diet all the time. Moreover, you will appreciate the combination of curry sauce, asparagus and broccoli, fried on a robata grill in creamy truffle oil.

New Zealand lamb rack with Nam Chim sauce
We fry the milk-fed lamb on the robata grill in a special chimichurri marinade. Serve it with broccoli and baked sweet potato, also fried on a robata grill. You can enjoy each piece by slightly dipping it in Thai Nam Chim sauce.

Tapioca Dessert

And for dessert we will surprise you with a light healthy dessert of tapioca on coconut milk with fresh mango and dragon fruit.
The result is an original, tasty and light dessert, which perfectly matches to the finest Tuile cookies with almond and coconut condensed milk.

Banana mousse dessert with pandan
One of those dishes that the waiter completes in front of the guests. With a flick of his hand, he pours molten white chocolate ganache onto the chocolate sphere. Moreover, under the sphere it is the main dessert – banana mousse with pandan-based cream. A real pleasure, especially in combination with fresh berries.

Coconut mousse dessert with mango-yuzu cream
Mousse desserts confidently captivate everyone with their tenderness, but we wanted to add a new emphasis to them with a bright play of taste in the mouth. To do this, we used coconut milk, which in combination with mango-yuzu cream, gave the necessary touch of the taste. This dessert nicely complements pistachio ice cream and coconut crisp.

Guramma Modern Asia always strives to impress you with your favorite and new dishes, prepared with love and mastership.
Come and make sure on our own.